Our Specialties.

We solve business problems leveraging technology and our wide range of expertise. With a large team of over 40 full-time software developers and project management specialists, we are able to offer extremely efficient, fast, and cost-effective software development and always have the bandwidth for new projects. Take a look at some of our core competencies below.

Web Development

Your site is your brand, don’t settle for boring templates and bland designs. Let us show you how great your website can truly be. From basic sites to e-commerce, movie theaters, custom integrations and more

  • — UI/UX design
  • — Prototyping
  • — WordPress
  • — ECommerce
  • — Custom Tuna Group Content Management System

Mobile apps

All the way from idea to launch for iOS and Android mobile apps. We create elegant user experience for applications that achieve business goals and make users happy.

  • UI/UX design —
  • Prototyping —
  • WordPress —
  • ECommerce —
  • Custom Tuna Group Content Management System —

Virtual Reality

Engage users and transport them to another world. Whether you’re looking to safely train users on expensive equipment, hazardous environment, or showcase your product or idea an a new engaging way, VR provides a great medium. Coupled with our large development team, extensive knowledge and creativity we can bring any idea to life!

Augmented Reality

It’s a 3D world. From training to product showcasing to games, we know how to leverage AR to bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world. On mobile? See a web AR demo now!

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is the next big trend taking the world by storm. We have experience with Hololens, Magic Leap, Google Glass and more. Augment your users world, teach new skills or add real time supplemental information to a user experience. Mixed Reality is a great tool, let us show you how to leverage it!

Custom Integrations

Let’s face it, custom software, websites, apps and kiosks are useless for your business if they can’t talk to all of your existing hardware and software. We specialize in solving complex problems and creating custom integrations that simplify your business.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Static software is a thing of the past. With our in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning we can rapidly leverage these new technologies to work for you!


It’s the 21st century, why make customers wait? Our kiosk solutions are designed from the ground up to simplify the customer experience, increase sales and expedite the check our process. Built inside of our expertly designed software platforms, our solutions leverage the latest technology and user interfaces to keep your customers happy!

Custom Software

When off the shelf software simply won’t cut it, we’ve got the solution. With our large team and vast expertise, we can create everything from basic web apps to enterprise multi platform eco systems. Let us help solve your problems

Movie Theaters and Family Entertainment Centers

Bringing the big screen to the tiny one. With our knowledge, clients and development experience in the entertainment sector, we know what it takes to build successful application eco systems for movie theaters and FECs. From ticket booking, seat selection, food ordering, event booking and more, we know how to bring all your systems together for a seamless customer experience.